Gorgeous Cosmetics Concealer Medium Neutral

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We all have little things we’d prefer others didn’t know about – like that annoying pimple that’s cropped up, last summer’s pigmentation, or the fact that we didn’t get the full eight hours in last night.  Problem solved! Recruit this gorgeous Concealer and everything we don’t want on show, stays under-wraps!

This smooth and creamy Concealer glides on easily to give skin a perfectly even finish. Forget unhygienic pots, the handbag-friendly wand applicator makes it clean, easy to apply and go-anywhere – you know, in case of emergencies. Say bye-bye redness, dark circles and pimples.   

Love versatility? This Concealer comes in two shades and can be used either on its own for a naturally flawless look (who doesn’t want that?), or in tandem with your foundation when you want a more polished look.  And because it’s dosed with intense colour pigment, only the teeniest amount is needed to keep skin mishaps out of sight. Even better, it goes with the flow; once you’ve applied it, the silicone formula keeps skin hydrated and supple, which means no cracking, caking or creasing.